Laminate Folding Tables

A Unique Design That You Can Have Your Way

These tables feature scratch and wear-resistant high-pressure laminate surfaces fused directly to strong moisture-resistant fiberglass bodies. Sol-O-matic® laminated tops are molded in one piece. The surface cannot be peeled off like other glue on or wood product methods. Ours stay together for life. Sol-O-matic’s® sturdy tubular steel legs are secured directly to the heavy steel cross rails that brace the tabletops for enhanced durability and design integrity. The legs have adjustable levelers and are equipped for bolting down to any surface, a practice that we recommend. The tables come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, and they can be custom-produced with surfaces made from almost any brand of high-pressure laminate. Your choice of colors and patterns is virtually unlimited.

TFL Style
TFL-244824" x 48"61 lbs.
TFL-246024" x 60"70 lbs.
TFL-247224" x 72"78 lbs.
TFL-304830" x 48"63 lbs.
TFL-306030" x 60"72 lbs.
TFL-307230" x 72"81 lbs.

Sturdiness for hard-working environments. All “TFL” style tables have strong 1-1/2” sq. tubular steel leg units secured directly to steel cross frames bracing the tabletop. The legs are equipped for concealed bolt down for added security and can be provided with matching color leg panels if desired to create a unified aesthetic package. Standard work surface height is 34” but other heights are available.

TFL Style Base Table with Back Stop
TFL-2448-B24" x 48"70 lbs.
TFL-2460-B24" x 60"80 lbs.
TFL-2472-B24" x 72"89 lbs.
TFL-3048-B30" x 48"72 lbs.
TFL-3060-B30" x 60”83 lbs.
TFL-3072-B30" x 72"92 lbs.

Make your table more functional by adding a back stop. Any TFL-style table can be ordered with this option installed to enhance its work space. To specify the rail, simply add a “B” to the end of the table’s model number. The backstops are 4” high and are made of tubular steel.


TFL Style Base Table with Upper Shelf
TFL-2448-U24" x 48"93 lbs.
TFL-2460-U24" x 60"108 lbs.
TFL-2472-U24" x 72"122 lbs.
TFL-3048-U30" x 48"95 lbs.
TFL-3060-U30" x 60"110 lbs.
TFL-3072-U30" x 72"125 lbs.
TFL-2460-U with TR-2L

Take your table to new heights of productivity. Any TFL-style table can be ordered with a matching upper shelf installed to enhance its work space. To specify the shelf, simply add a “U” to the end of the table’s model number. The shelves are 12” deep, 16” high from table surface and have tubular steel supports. Approximate weight is 22 lbs.

Individual Hanging Racks

Solid steel clothes racks are available to be added at either one or both front corners of the table. When single racks are ordered, they will be placed on the left side (facing table) unless otherwise specified. Weight 3 ½ lbs. Models TR-2L.

Full Length Hanging Rack

This option provides ample space on each end of the table for long garments, while allowing complete use of the over-table area for shorter garments. The rack fits on any new or existing table with the TFD-style legs. It’s made of tubular steel and it bolts securely to the table’s legs for enhanced security. Note: bolt down is required. Weight is approximately 19 lbs. Models TR-4’, TR-5’, TR-6’.

Trash Containers

laminate-trashWaste Not, Get More. Sol-O-matic® trash can covers and built-in under table trash bins are designed to eliminate clutter in high-traffic areas while turning a potential eyesore into décor compliments. Please note that the space-saving fiberglass under table trash containers can only be installed on the TFD-style folding tables. The containers tilt out at the top for easy use and then self-close to hide the clutter. They are designed to use standard 32-gallon trash bags, and they lift out for easy emptying. The under table trash bins are available in all standard table colors and can be used on one or both ends of the table. Weight is 34 lbs. Models TRC-32.

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