Seat-Table Units

Secure Your Seating With The Best Solution Possible

The sturdy single-unit design of our Sol-O-matic® Seat-Table Units eliminates loose chair problems and provides customers with safe, easy-to-clean accommodations. They are available in a wide variety of models and colors for indoor or outdoor use and are excellent for customer lounge areas, patios, snack bars, etc. These unit colors can be mixed and matched for a custom decorated look. Bolt down is standard.

Mix and match the way you want. Seat-Table Units are available in two finishes, fiberglass (STF) and laminate (STL). Seats are manufactured in fiberglass only with choice of solid or granite finish. All STL models are available with high-pressure laminate tabletops that complement our TFL-style laminate-on-fiberglass folding tables (for indoor use only). To specify this option without extra charge, simply change “STF” to “STL” on the model number when ordering, and choose one of our standard “TFL” colors for the top. For custom laminate finishes that best suit your environment, please call us for a quote. The possibilities are endless.

Seat-Table Units - Image Gallery

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