Custom Bulkheads

Ease and Convenience in a Flexible Design

We have combined our wide selection of colorful fiberglass covers — and its ability to withstand heat, humidity, chemicals and rough treatment — with the strength and durability of our high quality steel structural frame.

ul-listedSol-O-matic® bulkheads are UL ® certified, and custom built to your exact specifications. We can readily accommodate different modular frame arrangements and designs that will adhere to your local building codes and regulations. Our design and build turnaround time is the fastest in the industry, ensuring you have your Sol-O-matic® bulkheads in place prior to delivery of your equipment.

Our bulkheads offer you flexibility. You and your distributor can choose from a bare bones frame and panel system or a complete UL® approved turnkey unit with all utilities, and your choice of copper, PVC or PEX plumbing. In addition, when Sol-O-matic® factory made bulkheads are purchased together with your laundry equipment, the entire project may be financed versus a site built bulkhead that is not.

Custom Bulkheads - Image Gallery

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